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Nolcha Fashion Week concludes in big way

February 13, 2014

A model walks the runway in a raincoat from Jungwon’s collection at the Nolcha Fashion Week New York show on Feb. 12. Photo via

Jungwon’s collection of rain coats and outerwear for both men and women began the show. Her line was all about stylish yet functional clothes that “everybody can wear and they look nice [in].”

“This year I focus[ed] on more practicable, reliable clothes, more everyday clothes,” the line’s designer June Sohn said. “I want to show [that] functional clothes can be so beautiful and you can wear [them] anyday.And in all the clothes the element is breathable waterproof. So you really are invincible in any kind of weather.”

This season primary colors used in her line were black, grey and navy, with lighter colors, such as beige, light blue and pink being featured as well.

Sohn, who is being showcased at New York Fashion Week for her second year, said her inspiration for the clothing came from her time working at an outerwear company in New York City.

“I couldn’t find some of this kind of clothes, that’s how it started. I couldn’t find it so [I thought,] why not? I [will] make it.”

Written by: Jennifer Verzuh